My Story

The Beginning

Escaping her life in the city, Samantha Reynolds moved to the historic village of Berry on the NSW South Coast in 2019 and fell in love with the rural charm of the village and the connection between the people, the seasons and the produce harvested. Inheriting a few mature lemon trees in her new garden, Samantha found herself tending to these new trees, and reminiscing about Summertime on the coast of Italy when she first fell in love with the sour tang of citrus fruits.

Come harvest time, these trees bloomed with fruit, more than one household could possibly consume and Samantha found herself seeking new ways to naturally preserve these precious fruits, to stow them away for later use and enjoy them in a luxurious and thoughtful way, whether that be in her signature Margarita, in her morning lemon tea or on a delicious cake, all year round. 

What Happened Next

Broadening her horizons beyond her own garden, Seed + Stow was born in the Summer of 2021, with a full range of citrus fruit slices and zest powders. And this is only the beginning...