Aperol Paloma

Introducing the Seed + Stow Aperol Paloma, a zesty twist on a classic favourite. This cocktail combines the vibrant Italian spirit of Aperol within the refreshing allure of a Paloma. Using a yellow grapefruit to squeeze your juice from will give your cocktail a bright tang, alongside a dash of lime juice. Imagine you are watching the sun dip beyond the horizon as you sip on this cocktail, transported to a magical place.

60ml grapefruit juice
45ml Tequila
15ml Aperol
15ml fresh lime juice
15ml agave syrup (optional)
Seed + Stow Dried Lime Slice

1. Shake grapefruit juice, tequila, aperol, lime juice and agave syrup over ice. 
2. Strain into an ice filled glass.
3. Garnish with a Seed + Stow Dried Lime Slice.

Makes 1.